SSL Unblocker acts as intermediate between two operating machines. Web proxies are a type of proxy server that acts between the user and the entire World Wide Web. It is a computer application that offers a lot of benefits to the user. Its main highlight in serving in the world of computers is providing a safer and faster means of Internet browsing.

Today's world is revolving around the internet. Internet is widely used by almost everyone and it can be accessed everywhere. Web browsers are one of the tools to use the internet via websites. Websites are set of web pages that contain images and other media to show the identity of a site. Data are being transferred and received every time you access the internet. There are protocols that are used to secure the transferring and the receiving of data. They are known as HTTPS.

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HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the combination of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is one of the ways to have privacy on your account in different websites. It is browsing securely. HTTPS are being implemented by some websites. Those websites are the one that needed security because they handle money. When talking about money, it is about paying what you bought online through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or etc. The loyalty of their clients depends on how secure your website is. Through the use of HTTPS, data are being encrypted.

Majority of the people today are connected to social networking. They don't know that browsing these sites can cause their privacy at risk. Tweets, sharing and uploading photos can be one of the activities you're doing on social networking sites that can expose you to others. Twitter and Tumblr are social networking sites that use HTTPS as default. However, Facebook is using HTTP but it has settings that you can change it to HTTPS. If you don't want some other people sneaking on your photos, change your settings immediately. Some accounts are immediately hacked because they are using HTTP. When using HTTPS, you have the option if you have to receive an email or text message whenever someone accesses your account. In this way, you can prevent someone to access your account and you can report them to the admin of the website.

Hacking can happen to anyone. The solution is to use the HTTPS. Without HTTPS, someone can easily access your account because there are softwares that were made to help playful minds to access somebody's account. Mostly, people just browse the internet not knowing that they can be hacked or can be send some harmful stuffs on the internet like spams or hoaxes. Browsing is part of people's lives. Let your browsing hours be hassle free by improving your security using the HTTPS.

What are Cookies?

A browser cookie is one of the technical bits which refer to web browsing, and almost everybody is aware of this fact. Cookies can also be misunderstood in the aspects of browsing. Some people usually have misconceptions on its functions in the computer system.

Cookie, which is also known as browser cookie and HTTP cookie, contains information set by websites. This includes user preferences, session token, and others which the site needs to remain on track. When a certain website requested your browser to set cookie, the browser will open new request to your server. Even if you click a link to the page, add an item to the cart, or load an image, the browser will be sending the HTTP cookie back to website that sets the cookie.

Cookies do exist due to underlying HTTP protocol. Each of the requests from the browser is separated completely from another. This is the reason why the server looks for a way to remain connected to the request of the visitor. By simply storing small bit of information in the cookie, the site can determine that the page view belongs to the user account you own.

What is a Browser User Agent?
Many people may be confused of certain terms in computer operation. However, if they have already mastered such and distinguished their purpose and function, they will know how to use them. Now, if you have encountered the term browser user agent or 'user-agent', there is a simple definition for it.

The word 'user-agent' sounds like those characters from Get Smart even though the user agents have never played the opposite Agent 86. This term has been coined in the internet's early days when users used a tool to browse the net. Back then, the web or internet has been completely based on text until the present. To navigate text, the text commands need to be encoded to the keyboard. Soon, the tools were improvised to be the agent of users. This agent acts on behalf of the user, so that he or she no longer has to comprehend the cryptic commands just to retrieve the information. Nowadays, almost everybody makes use of a browser user agent.

There are times when it is necessary for the website to analyze how it has been viewed. That is why many users identify themselves through the user-agent string sent to a certain website. The string is the character series which is usually composed of numbers and letters.